Remember how you were freaking out about having no idea where your life was heading on your 25th birthday? Yeah, that was redundant. Besides the fact that we have one of those moments practically EVERY birthday. 

But turns out, that feeling that your life is going out of hand and absolutely lost & anxious about its direction actually hits you when you are 26 years and 9 months old. 

Wow, best of luck people who are about to hit that sweet spot. 


According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, 72% of young professionals in the UK have experienced a life crisis at the age of 26.9 years, and it was hard enough for them to reevaluate their career path. 

Main sources of stress? 

The fear that we’re not in a profession that we’re passionate about, stress about owning a house, car etc; and the pressure of finding the right partner for life. The fact that we are constantly obsessing over other people’s achievements via social media doesn’t help at all. 


It is a well-known and documented fact that nowadays, 20-somethings are under intense pressure to get their lives right. There are a lot of expectations, many set by ourselves and an intense pressure to match those. 

Psychologists describe a quarter-life crisis as ‘a period of doubt, insecurities and disappointment surrounding the major aspects of your life – career, relationships and financial situation;  a person starts to doubt their own lives and begins to face the extent of the stress associated with becoming an adult. 


It gets worse. An average crisis lasts for 11 months – almost an entire year.

Okay, deep breaths. Easy there. You know it will pass. 

Everyone goes through a quarter-life crisis.  What you need to do is acknowledge what is happening, sit with yourself, reassess your choices and figure a way out to make the desired change. 


The best part is that when you are 20-something, you are still at an age where you CAN make changes in your life because the burden of responsibilities are fairly less as compared to when you are married (if you find anyone that is. Lol. Sorry, too soon). 

What you do need to do is look after yourself, and find a way to find your own happiness. 

The best part is, you are not alone!