There really is no fixed way to raise your kids, though most parents would love to have a secret handbook. 

But parents do want their kids to grow into responsible adults, and adopt different parenting methods to ensure the same.

However, while Indian kids are no stranger to ‘maa ki daant’, what this mother did to teach her child about responsibility is definitely unique.

Essence Evans shared on Facebook that she sets aside a part of the allowance that she gives to her 5-year-old daughter as rent.

Yes, you read that right!

Essence says that her daughter is provided a total allowance of $7. But $5 from the total allowance is withheld as money for rent, electricity, water etc. The remaining $2 is the actual allowance that her daughter gets, to do as she pleases with the amount. 

According to Essence, she has a purpose for the withheld amount. She is actually saving the money to give as a deposit to her daughter at a later stage, when she decided to move out. 

People had mixed reactions to her approach. While some were clearly appreciative of the idea, others thought that this is an excessive focus on money for someone so young. 

Essence Evans has since then deleted the post from her Facebook page.

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