Once a peaceful country, Syria has been torn apart by the horrors of war. And in search of a safe haven, millions of Syrians are moving to different countries. While the host countries debate about the migrant crisis and opening their borders to refugees, small acts of kindness like this one remind us that humanity is not bound by any country, region or religion. One such incident took place when a Syrian man generously helped a distressed American woman in her time of need.        

When a Dallas woman and mother of two, going through a financial crisis, walked into a jewellery store to sell her gold ring, the Syrian jewellery store owner not only paid her the full price of the ring, but also gave her back her precious ring.


The video shows a woman walking in the store with two kids. When the store owner asks her why she wants to sell the ring, she tells him that she was completely broke and will not be paid until next month. The store owner inspects the ring carefully, and after learning that it was a gift from the woman’s mother, he pays her the price of that particular ring. But that isn’t the end of this heartwarming story.

He also gave her the ring back and said, “You said it’s a gift, take it”. The store owner also wrote down his number on a piece of paper, and asked the woman to contact him if she needed any help. 


The lady is clearly thankful to the man and with tears in her eyes, hugs him in the end. The video was shared by a Facebook page named America for Arabs, and has now garnered 9.5 million views and 3,00,000 shares.   

Seriously, try watching this video without tearing up.