When you stand atop a mountain, stare as the waves roll by at a beach, or walk through a wide expanse of trees, what are the thoughts that cross your mind?

When you are travelling down south or traversing through serpentine roads up the hills, are you full of excitement or do you wish you were travelling to the western coast where the eternal sea awaits you?

You see, travelling has always been about more than just making fond memories. It is also about finding yourself a little, discovering your soul a little, healing a little. 

And where you decide to go when you want to travel within says a lot about you. 

If mountains are your thing, this is what it says about your personality: 

  • You are a thinker. You are the kind who introspects, thinks a lot about ideas, philosophies, and emotions. You ruminate deeply. So much so that you might have to be called back to reality. 
  • You are independent and self sufficient. You don’t need people to have fun and enjoy some wilderness. You can be on your own and make it work for yourself. 
  • You prefer a quiet night indoors with your partner than go to a loud club. You love hanging out by the fireplace with a glass of wine and some good company rather than thumping your hands in the air to loud music in a crowded place.
  • You like spending time with yourself. Be it on the mountains or at home, a cafe date with yourself or a movie. You won’t mind your own company really. You might even prefer it over hanging out with other people. 
  • You probably enjoy activities such as writing, painting. I mean someone has to convert all that rumination and those thoughts to art, yeah?
  • You keep your ideas to yourself until you have it all figured out. Once you have it all figured out and planned is when you will bring it out in the sunlight (probably the one coming in through the pine trees).
  • You are introverted. Whatever you say will probably have a lot of weight and will be well thought out. Small talk isn’t your thing. Not that it means that you are anti-social and will be averse to striking a conversation. 

And if you prefer beaches…

  • You are a party hoster, an entertainer, and even when you relax you want to do it with a lot of people around. You thrive in company of others and that is just the way you relax and let the steam off. 
  • You have a very warm, upbeat, and affectionate personality. You pull people in with your charm and friendly nature. They are attracted to how fun, energetic and up for exciting things you are. 
  • You get along with people and make friends easily. You are inviting and curious to know about people and their stories. You love to get to know them and make new friends. 
  • You are an active, energetic person. You won’t love sitting in a spot for a long time; sit in the sand for a while, then take a dip in the beach, add some beach volleyball – that will be so, so ideal for you. 
  • You enjoy activities such as dancing, and team sports.  If there is a dance party happening right at the beach, you will totally break into your Salaam Namaste moves, and catch all eyes. 
  • You like to bounce off your ideas with other people. You will want to know what other people think of your thoughts and probably get some more inputs to see if something more can be done. 
  •  You are an extrovert. The small talk can lead to big conversations which can go on and on because you are great conversationalists.