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Crisis of all kinds get us worried but rarely do we try to see the solution which is right in front of us. We end up wasting water more than we consume without realizing how severely has it been affecting the environmental dynamics. 

“Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.”

From leaving the taps open with water flowing out and throwing away the half we don’t feel like drinking, we have done everything possible to be the reason behind the scarcity of water on a global level. The shortage of clean drinking water is another issue that tops the list of universal crisis for which people are finally joining hands to make #CuttingPaani happen.

What is #CuttingPaani you ask?

#CuttingPaani is the latest buzz on social media which is an altered version of the concept of ‘cutting chai’ . Here it is being applied on drinking water. Why pour ourselves a full glass, when our thirst can be quenched with half? Makes sense, doesn’t it?

An initiative by Livpure, this movement is a step towards drinking water conservation for our future and there are renowned names joining in the forces as well.

Here is what comedian Bharti Singh has to say…

Rannvijay Singha is pledging too!

And finally, there is television star Gurmeet Choudhary chiming in…

This doesn’t stop here. People are also coming forward to sign and submit the petition to Food & Beverage units as well as other government bodies for the implementation of this cause. Let us all help each other and optimize the usage of drinking water by taking what is required. After all this has to be a collective effort. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and make this work. Drink some but save some.

Check out their cool ad film to understand better.

Say yes to #CuttingPaani and share your half next time.