In an act of immense bravery and selflessness, a police officer from Madhya Pradesh carried an injured man in his arms for more than a kilometer because the ambulance couldn’t reach. 

According to reports, an unidentified man got seriously injured when he fell off the train, close to the Paghdal railway station. When the police team reached the spot, they noted how grievously injured the man was. 


ANI reported that since it was difficult for an ambulance to reach the spot on time, Police-constable Poonam Billore took a call and carried the man on his shoulders to the nearest railway station. 

His single heroic act of bravery and kindness helped save the man’s life, and people took to social media to commend him for his actions. 

It’s not always that a man goes beyond the call of duty to help a stranger, and constable Billore definitely deserves our respect and appreciation for this brave gesture.