This is the age of the Internet. And needless to say (sadly), everyone lives their lives virtually. It makes the job only that much easier for cyber criminals. But in order to make the job only that much hard for them, Mumbai Police have waged war against cyber criminals on their own turf. Take that, you mewling, earth-vexing codpieces! 

Not only have Mumbai Police brought their deadly game, they have got their wordplay game on point too. They are seriously acing it!

The Commissioner of Police, Mumbai along with the Mumbai Police have taken the opportune moment of the Cyber Safety Week to warn suspicious characters lurking behind screens. 

The Commissioner of Police, Mumbai tweeted: 

That ought to scare the sh*t out of the creeps. 

But wait. He is not done yet. Read some more of his and Mumbai Police’s cool tweets!

Just because they are hiding behind a screen does not mean that they are harmless. 

Spread the message, guys. Do your bit.