“Life without music would be a mistake” – Friedrich Nietzsche

These lines by Friedrich Nietzsche were brought to life by four kittens, each three months old, who proved that animals are more patient than humans and literally live in the moment and enjoy it. In a world where life is so fast, hardly anyone has time to sit back and just watch the world go by. 

A amazing incident took place when a talented musician was performing on the streets of Malaysia with no one giving a damn. And when he decided to pack up and head home, the most amazing thing happened!

To support him, a bunch of adorable kittens came and sat right in front of him and totally made his day. 


The best part of the video is the way these furballs were actually listening to the music so attentively and started grooving along with the beat! 

Check out the full video here and be ready to drop some serious Awwwwww’s:

The musician thanked his special audience after his performance and it seemed these kittens were totally mesmerised by his music. 

This just goes to show that music transcends species!