The only things that can spread faster than an epidemic are myths and fears. The numerous myths around dandruff are an excellent example. If you too are suffering from this pesky condition, then you will know just how ineffective chasing these myth-inspired solutions can really be. So to make matters easier for all of us, we’re busting these 7 myths about dandruff, so that you can finally stop losing sleep over it. Read on!

1. MYTH: People with dry scalps are more prone to dandruff than others.

TRUTH: Dandruff is mostly caused by a fungal growth on the scalp, brought about by the fungus Malassezia. So the myth is not entirely true. Chronic dandruff issues have little to do with dry scalp. 

2. MYTH: You can only get dandruff in the winters. 

TRUTH: Dandruff is not a seasonal condition at all! It can be brought on by a number of factors and hygiene is the most important of them all. So stop dreading the winters! 

3. MYTH: Dandruff is the only reason why there’s more hair on your comb than your head.

TRUTH: Nope. It might be one of the reasons behind it, but hardly the only one. The major causes for hair fall include stress, diet and an unhealthy scalp. If any one of these factors is thrown off-balance, rapid hair loss can set in. 

4. MYTH: Dandruff can spread from one person to another.

TRUTH: Dandruff is a scalp affliction and not contagious at all. The only way you can “catch” it is by treating your scalp poorly. So don’t be afraid to rub shoulders with people. 

5. MYTH: Stress causes dandruff.

6. MYTH: Copper brushes can cure dandruff.

 TRUTH: While copper is said to have many anti-fungal benefits, there’s no solid evidence that it cures dandruff completely. So don’t bank upon this myth for a permanent solution.

7. MYTH: Washing your hair every day can help you get rid of dandruff.

TRUTH: Excuse me? Not even a dermatologist would suggest that! Not only will washing your hair on a daily basis strip your hair of its natural oils, but also leave your scalp dry and irritated. This way, you’re looking at a more aggressive dandruff attack in the long run. Yikes!

Now that we’ve busted these myths for good, time to give out some much-needed pointers on healthy hair. While there are many effective ways to nip dandruff in the bud, none will yield a result better than using an anti-dandruff shampoo. So let’s ditch the “chalta hai” attitude and pick up a bottle of Head & Shoulders, STAT! Get 100% dandruff free hair and make the perfect first impression. #DandruffNahiChalega. 

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