Times are hard and while the common man struggles with life and death, most among the rich and famous wouldn’t even think twice about putting their wealth and fame to good use, there are some yet who humanity can rely on.

According to a post by Amit Bajpai, Nana Patekar was seen doing his bit for the widows of farmers that have committed suicide.

Seen here distributing sewing machines to these women, Nana not only made them feel like they were not alone, but also gave them a means for livelihood.

It was a quiet affair that did not attract a lot of media attention. But that didn’t stop Nana from going all out in his grand gesture of support for the women.

Even in the past, Nana has displayed deep concern for the farmers’ plight. Remember the time he spoke to farmers everywhere urging them to call him if they were even considering suicide? Right there. Nana Patekar showed us all that he is a man that truly cares.

His noble act has once again moved these women to tears and reaffirmed everyone’s faith in humanity.

Thank you, Nana. From all the women you helped, and from the nation. You are not only an inspiration to us all, but a real people’s hero – on screen and off.

Images sourced from Amit Bajpai