We’ve all used those ‘clicky’ top ball point pens so many times in our lives. We buy them at a peanut price, use them to our heart’s content, mainly to draw little sketches on our notebooks, and eventually throw them away. Well, you now have more than enough reason to hold on to them. There’s a tiny part within the pen which, according to this new hack, is probably the most prized possession you will have.

A couple of weeks, maybe a few months into it, you’ve probably noticed your charger cable doing this.

And, there’s nothing you can do about it except to buy a new cable. That sucks! Screw the cello tapes and rubber bands if you were planning on fixing this with any kind of makeshift damage control.

Here’s where that old ballpoint pen with a clicky top comes in.

If you’ve ever deconstructed one of those old pens you know there’s the refill and this little spring that’s responsible for the clicky top to work.


Believe it or not, these little things are your best friends when it comes to an epic life hack.

Coming back to that age-old problem of the breaking or tearing of cables, so commonly noticed with iPhones, we’ve got a simple hack you could use for new cords to prevent them from breaking or damaging. Or, attach to old cords – within reason – to apply some damage control.



All you’ve got to do is to take out the spring from the ball pen, and coil it around the wire.

That’s all. Coil that spring around the cable and slide it all the way up to the end/ends. This will help create a simple support structure for the ends that are so susceptible to being bent and broken.



You can do this to new cords and cables (which we suggest you do in any case) and also to older cables that have been damaged for a makeshift fix.

Voila! Never thought of it? Well, that’s what we’re here for.

Masthead Source: aliexpress.com, Feature Image Source: windoworld.ru