It’s easy to crib about all that is wrong with the society today, but how many times have we actually tried to actively make a difference? 

So here are 21 NGOs that will allow you to invest your free time during summer vacations, or work a flexible schedule so you can contribute your time, as you want:

1. Red Paws Rescue

What started as an initiative by a 17-year-old girl, is today a Delhi-based NGO working to providing ethical treatment to abandoned animals. 

Facebook/Red Paws Rescue

How to volunteer: All they are looking for in their volunteers is time and dedication. You can fill a form and visit their shelter to spend quality time with pups, and assist in other activities such as spreading awareness, picking donations etc. 

Learn more about them here

2. HelpAge India

One of the leading Indian charities working for the financial and societal welfare of the elderly, HelpAge India has its head office in Qutub Institutional Area in Delhi.  

Facebook/HelpAge India

How to volunteer: They offer various services like Old Age Homes, healthcare, livelihood opportunities and even Elder Helplines. Based on your employment status and qualification, you are assigned different volunteer roles. 

Learn more about them here.

3. Katha

The primary aim of this Delhi-based NGO is to promote literacy for underprivileged children, and they run various programs to promote holistic and quality education for these children.

How to volunteer: Here volunteering options are available based on the location you reside in and the program you are interested in. Thus, you fill a form here to give back by doing what you love. They also accept books as donations. 

Learn more about them here

4. Animal Aid Unlimited

This rescue shelter treats ill or injured stray animals. Based out of Udaipur, it started in 2002 and ‘more than 65,000 injured and ill dogs, cows, donkeys, birds and cats to date’ have been rescued till date. 

Facebook/Animal Aid Unlimited

How to volunteer: They need assistance in feeding the animals, in physical therapy and in spending time with traumatized animals (that includes cuddling). Also, you don’t need to book time in advance, you can just drop by and volunteer for as many hours as you may desire. 

Learn more about them here

5. Smile Foundation

With its presence in over 25 states, Smile Foundation manages to reach various slums and villages and promote healthcare, women empowerment, and education.

Facebook/Smiles Foundation

How to volunteer: You can sign up an individual registration form and select the area of interest you wish to volunteer in. 

Learn more about them here. 

6. Sounds of Silence SOS

A technology-based NGO, it aims to improve the lives of deaf and mute kids by launching 2-month training course on Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, and Data Entry. 

Facebook/Sounds of Silence

How to volunteer: They only offer a 75 hours volunteering program, spread across 3 to 4 months, where you can teach hearing impaired students, but strictly in English (to promote chat-based tech support). 

Learn more about them here

7. Robin Hood Army

A volunteer-based organization, they actively don’t look for your money – only your time. It aims to get surplus food from restaurants to feed less fortunate people and is a decentralized organization, that looks out for local people to act as volunteers.  


How to volunteer: You can fill a form to share details of your city and neighborhood area and the team will reach out to you with open vacancies. 

Learn more about them here

8. The Toybank

It collaborates with various organizations in rural and urban India by setting up Game libraries and conducting Educational Play sessions.

How to volunteer: Whether it’s collecting toys, sorting and wrapping them or even distributing them – you can help with all such activities and more as a volunteer. 

Learn more about them here

9. Picture Wala

Technically it is not an NGO, but a part of DSSC. It is a moving entertainment circus that travels across the country to entertain, engage and inspire children on the streets and slums.

Facebook/Picture Wala

How to volunteer: If you’re an artist, a student, or even an organization/existing NGO you can reach out to them at for collaboration opportunities. 

Learn more about them here

10. Bhumi

It started in Bengaluru in 2006, and today is spread across 12 cities with the aim to provide quality education to underprivileged children. 


How to volunteer: They offer different volunteering options, depending on the amount of time you can dedicate. You need to register for them to get in touch with you. 

Learn more about them here

11. Anbagam

Anbagam is a Chennai-based NGO that caters to a section society often overlooks – people with mental health challenges. It provides both, professional care and personal attention to its patients, and also helps to rehabilitate them. 


How to volunteer: You can either donate at the center or spend some time at the center to provide much-needed company to the patients. 

Learn more about them here

12. Greenpeace

With offices in Delhi, Patna, Pune, and Bengaluru, Greenpeace India campaign to protect India’s nature i.e. forest, air, water and promote renewable sources of energy such as solar power.

Facebook/Greenpeace India

How to volunteer: There are various on-field requirements that a volunteer can assist in. You need to fill a form, the organization will contact you accordingly. 

Learn more about them here.

13. Trishul

Based out of Mumbai, its focus is to build self-sustainable communities through skill development and educational programs, especially for women and children in urban slums or economically weak rural areas. 


How to volunteer: While there are various programs in which you can volunteer, they request every volunteer to go through the Etiquette of Volunteering before applying. 

Learn more about them here

14. The Akanksha Foundation

They deliver high-quality education to underprivileged children through after-school centers. What started as an initiative by an 18-year-old, has now spread across 20 schools in Mumbai and Pune. 

How to volunteer: Since the schools are currently closed, they will resume Volunteer Orientation sessions after 14 June 2018. The weekly sessions are conducted every Thursday, in both Mumbai and Pune. 

Learn more about them here

15. Kolkata Sanved

A women-led, Kolkata based NGO that uses DMT (Dance movement therapy) to develop, heal and empower impoverished individuals, especially survivors of gender-based violence and children and youth-at-risk. 

Facebook/Kolkata Sanved

How to volunteer: You can sign up for online volunteering. For in-person volunteer work, you need to specify your skill set, time availability and previous experience, if any at 

Learn more about them here

16. Sukhibhava

A social enterprise, it aims to raise awareness about menstruation and provide access to healthy menstrual practices to marginalized women across India. 


How to volunteer: They have 2 different projects where you can volunteer via registration. They also offer The Period Fellowship and are looking for donations (that will sponsor menstrual products for impoverished girls and women). 

Learn more about them here

17. Bookwallah Organisation

A US-based NGO with centers in India, it aims to provide orphaned children with the gift of imagination through storybooks and libraries. 


How to volunteer: You can volunteer as a storyteller, or employ other creative, administrative, financial or marketing abilities, based on your skill set. 

Learn more about them here

18. Manavya

This Pune-based NGO is one of the few Indian NGOs that works towards rehabilitating women and children affected by HIV and AIDS. 


How to volunteer: From celebrating your birthdays or other events with them, to conducting activities, there are various ways in which you can volunteer here.

Learn more about them here

19. Reach Out to Life Foundation

Started by a team of psychologists, this NGO works towards youth suicide prevention and promoting youth development. 

Facebook/Reach out to life

How to volunteer: You can reach out to them to know more about how you can contribute your time and energy to their cause. 

Learn more about them here

20. Ekam foundation

This Chandigarh based NGO works towards providing quality healthcare to women and children in need.

How to volunteer: From graphic designing and content writing to field volunteering and camp tasks, there are a variety of activities that you can provide support in, depending on your time and skill set. 

Learn more about them here

There is no joy greater than lending a helping hand. While our job, social life, and other commitments keep us busy, we can all take out a little time to do something for the greater good.