Super manly man, Nick Offerman, (famous for playing Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation) is a celebrity in Madurai. No, they are not dubbing the famous sitcom in Tamil (at least not yet). Instead, the famous mustachioed face features in a public toilet in Tamil Nadu’s most famous temple town.

The photo, uploaded on Twitter by user @KenTremendous, quickly went viral. Twitter users ensured that Offerman noticed the tweet.

Soon, the actual photographer surfaced.

And just like that, the man himself entered the conversation.

You know Nick Offerman’s made it when his uber-manly on-screen persona is taken so seriously in real life, and that too in the opposite end of the world, that it’s used as a sign to signify ‘men’ in a public toilet.

You’re the manliest man, Ron Swanson. No doubt about that.