While most people my age are wondering what the meaning of life is, I’m stuck at one question and one question alone.

Why the fuck do we love window seats so much?

Even though I’m from Dehradun, I’ve been staying in Delhi for almost 10 years now. Which means I make a trip back home every few months. 

Which also means, that by now, I’ve exhausted all modes of transport. 

Bus, taxi, train ho ya plane.

I’ve travelled by everything you can name.

The modes of transport might be different, but one thing is constant. 

The. Window. Seat.

Bina uske chalta nahin hai boss.

Toh isi ke saath, poore 5 lakh rupaye ke liye, sawaal hai, ki logon ko window seat kyun pasand aati hai?

Is it:

a) Because you get to watch the beautiful view outside

b) Because you might have to puke

c) Because you want to stick your head out and feel the air

d) Because everybody wants to

And the answer is, all of the above. That’s why everybody… EVERYBODY…loves the window seat. 

Unlike an aisle seat, it gives you a certain sense of privacy. 


Just imagine, you can look outside. You don’t have to look at other people. You know how awesome that is?

You can just put on a beautiful song, look outside and then imagine yourself in that scenario. 

Sitting in the aisle seat feels like confinement. And if it’s an 8 hour long journey, then it feels like life imprisonment. 

What am I supposed to do for those 8 hours? Look at faces around me? Look at the ceiling? Look at the seats around? 

Just the thought of it makes me nauseous. 

Bus hire

But you know what’s worse than an aisle seat? 

A middle seat.

*Ominous music plays in the background*

Sarah Trank

When you sit in a window seat, you actually feel like you’re making a journey. 

You actually feel like you’re moving from one place to another. 

You actually feel that sense of motion.

You know what sitting in the middle seat feels like?


The English sniper

I mean where the hell am I supposed to look?

I can’t stare left or right into my co-passengers’ faces. 

So all I can do is stare at the backside of the seat in front of me. 


And, to add insult to injury, I don’t have an armrest of my own. Bloody every time I try putting my arm there, I end up brushing against an already existing one.

Awkward AF.

Tabhi toh…

Travel karte hue, it always feels like a treat.

Jab baithne ko mil jaaye, humko window seat.