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After spending the entire week scrolling incessantly through weekday-blues memes on social media in a coffee-induced haze and no damns to give, the weekend is almost here. Most of you will have the usual plans. You know, going out with friends and living it up before realizing it’s already Sunday and you will have to go back to work again in a few hours. That’s the ideal picture. Here is the real one: screw everything. You get two days to sleep off the exhaustion and recharge yourself on sarcasm to last you through the week. You are not spending it by putting on clothes and going out! 


Hey, I’m not judging you. I do the same thing, but even staying inside the house gets boring from time to time. So, here are 8 ways you can have fun this weekend while dressed in your pajamas: 

1.  Catch up on all the TV-series/movies/anime that you’ve been putting off. 


Or you know, find new ones to lose your sanity to.

2. While away the hours by getting sucked into a game of online rummy on RummyGame.com.


Whenever you feel like you can’t take any more of the emotional roller coaster that is your favorite TV drama, take a break and head on over to RummyGame.com and spend time competing against some of the best players in the world. Oh, and if your mother pulls the ‘You never go out of the house’ line, you can always go to the nearest park (or, you know, anywhere) and continue the game on their official app. This way, you’re practically getting paid for staying healthy; I don’t see what the downside is, really.    

3. If you’re a keen cook (or think you are), the weekend is the best time to experiment with your food. 


Or burn your kitchen down while doing it.  

Tip: pretending you’re a world-class chef taking a class works wonders. 

4. Learn a foreign language. 


Now listen, this may sound like a first bencher thing to do, but you never know when knowing another language comes in handy. You may run into a stranger from a foreign land and embark on an epic romance, or just want to show off to your friends by not needing subtitles when watching anime. Ha! 

5. Find a podcast and get addicted to it. 


If you don’t already know about them, you’re missing out. From the story of how a father came to accept his transgender child to the terrifying tale of why Sir David Attenborough found a human skull in his backyard, these little 20-minute tidbits will be your best friends and teachers. You can listen to them before you go to sleep, on your daily commute to work, while cooking, cleaning and even in the shower! (The last one makes being organized really easy.) 

6. Redecorate your room. 


Obviously, redecorating your home is an arduous process on any given day, which is why you should put it off for the free days. Look up tips, put up some clear cellophane sheets, get out a pair of jeans that you won’t mind missing and get to work revamping your living space. 

7. Two words: Karaoke Night!


You may not be able to sing to save your life, but that’s what makes Karaoke nights so much fun! Just hook the mic up and belt out some tunes by your lonesome. The best part? Since you won’t have an audience, you can go full-on Adele, or even better, Elvis ‘You Ain’t Nothing But A Hound Dog’ Presley. 

8. Make a list of all the things you’ve been meaning to do. Continue not doing them. 


If you make a to-do list that you later don’t use as a makeshift coaster for your takeaway dinner later that night, are you even human? 

Once more unto the weekend, dear friends! Once more!