If you’ve grown up watching high school comedies (in the vein of American Pie); you must be well acquainted with the concept of “baptism by the red party cup”!


Yes, downing alcohol in a Solo Cup (named after the company that manufactures it) and getting mightily sloshed is one way of upping the ante on your alcohol guzzling prowess and getting closer to the damsels (wink)!


But in that drunken stupor, do you ever notice the lines on the party cups?


Well, these lines here designate ideal serving sizes of different types of alcohol. 

The bottom line indicates a shot of liquor (ounce), the middle line is for a serving of wine (5 ounces) and the top line shows the right amount of beer that should ideally be poured (at 12 ounces).


What is more amazing is that the company did not plan it that way but somehow, those markings came out to be accurate enough!