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What do you expect when you book a cab through an app? A cab (duh), a professional driver and probably some navigation, right? Maybe some in-built entertainment feature at max. 

Well, it’s time to raise your expectations ’cause Ola has recently launched ONN – Ola News Network. Yup. Now you might say, “I can always access the news app on my phone, what’s so special about this?” (TBH first question that popped up in my mind too). But seems like the folks at Ola have done their job well. ONN is not any news network but one that delivers the hyper-local news.

Bhai ab ye kya cheez hai?

This means you can literally ask all your questions about daily life on-the-go and get verified news through the app. Basically, you can get answers to (not-so) silly questions like –

“Andon ka kya bhaav hai?”

“Arrey aaj yahan traffic kyun hai?”

And if you’re slightly more inquisitive, you can even ask –

“What’s the stock rate for ABC Builders?”

“Why is this metro project taking so long to complete?”

In essence, this is a platform to get relevant news. Y’know, news relevant to all of us. What you’ll receive is an authentic and real-time update of a situation. *pakka promise* To give you a little glimpse of all that I’m saying, here’s how it looks.

Admit it, the smart millennial in you is always looking for ways to save dem monies and stay updated, opinionated about everything and anything. Then isn’t it best to know paneer ka rate and municipality ki politics at the same time? Ringing in the true spirit of Geet from Jab We Met…

Geez! Can’t wait for the app update.

Do check out more details here.