You may have dealt with a horrible roommate at some point in your life but none of them can equal the utterly despicable things that Jazy Rowe’s roommate did to her.

Jazzy, a student at the University of Hartford, had been falling sick for the past one month, oblivious to her spiteful roommate’s actions who had been tainting her belongings with her own period blood, spit and what not.

Jazzy Rowe, a freshman student at the University of Hartford, was assigned a room randomly with Brianna Brochu, 18. 

Brochu, apparently, wasn’t happy to share the room with Rowe. So, the white supremacist secretly began doing unimaginably disgusting things to her roommate to force her out of the room.

For about a month, Brochu did a series of deeply disturbing things to Rowe such as smearing period blood on her backpack and licking her dining utensils. 

This led to Rowe suffering from a severe throat pain, to a point that she was barely able to whisper. Rowe had also been feeling ostracized in her own room as Brochu’s behaviour towards her wasn’t amicable.  


Not feeling welcomed in her own room, Rowe decided to move out. Moments after Rowe told Brochu about her decision to leave the room, the vile roommate wrote an Instagram post describing all the mean things she had been doing to her. 

She bragged about her malicious actions on Instagram saying:

“After one and a half months spitting in her coconut oil, putting mouldy clam dip in her lotions, rubbing used tampons on her backpack, putting her toothbrush places where the sun doesn’t shine, and so much more, I can finally say goodbye to Jamaican Barbie.”

While Rowe was busy taking her stuff out from the room, a neighbour along with two campus resident assistants approached her and showed her the disturbing Instagram post.

It was then that Rowe reported the incident to the campus police.

The West Hartford Police Department then arrested Brianna Brochu of Harwinton, Connecticut. While she confessed to licking the victim’s plate, fork, and spoon, and smearing her own bodily fluid on the victim’s backpack, she said she wrote rest of the things just to appear funny.  

Brochu had won a four-year, $20,000/year scholarship from the college by entering the University of Hartford Scholastic Art Scholarship contest. She’s no longer a student at the University.

Rowe also went live on Facebook and talked in detail about the incident. The teenager has also been receiving immense support from people on social media who’ve been demanding justice for her.

In a Facebook post, Jazzy Rowe wrote:

“As a young African American woman, I don’t want to become another statistic. When it comes to college incidents/crimes and racial cases justice needs to be served.”

Here’s a short clip from Jazzy’s live video: