While there is nothing wrong in believing in fairytale romances, epic adventures and crazy friendships, there are times when some things may be popular but are actually just an exaggerated version of things that weren’t that special to begin with!

Here are some things that movies, social media and pop culture have led us to believe are life-changing events, when they are nothing more than a passtime fad! 

1. Rains

Let me be very clear, the smell of rain maybe intoxicating to some people but is certainly not for everyone. Rains are messy, a dampener when it comes to plans you painstakingly made, will make you catch a cold and put half of your wardrobe out of function. 


Really, what is so special about rains again? The actor that walks away from the love of his life while feeling raindrops on his face is ACTING. No one wants to be wet when they’re miserable!

2. Solo Trips

You have no one to click your photos, except for the random stranger that took half the frame to catch the fence instead of your face. Eating alone can be daunting at times, getting shit faced drunk is never an option and if you manage to get lost with no battery on your phone then you are discovering anything but yourself. 


Seriously, a solo trip will not open doors to a different future, but it may burn a hole in your pocket!

3. Unrequited Love

What is so special about not being loved back? That love is not stronger or better or deeper than having a relationship with someone. Pining for someone causes you to binge on chocolate, makes you miss on the perfectly nice guy waiting for you and forces you to listen to songs you’d rather fast forward. 


If someone does not love you back, bitch a little, have wine and move on to someone who would! Do not let Devdas be your ideal. Or Channa Mereya your favorite song!

4. Mountain Trips

London, Mumbai, New York, and all such places have great shopping places, good crowd, amazing food options and crazy bars. Why again are mountains receiving all our love? Maggi on a cold morning may be great but having chocolate truffle cake in a warm cafe with extra chocolate sauce is heaven. 


And when it comes to checking out a random stranger, take your chances with one that can buy you a drink than the one who will bum your last joint. 

5. Getting a Tattoo

Yes, getting a tattoo is a personal experience and can be painful at times too (but not all tattoos hurt). But that is about it. It is not going to turn your life around, it will not make your perspective change and it sure as hell will not get you the next big love of your life.


It is not always a conversational starter, nor is it going to suddenly make you appear cooler than what your actual personality is. It is just a symbol on your body. Get if you really want to, but get over the fact that a tattooed you is going to be any different than the normal you!

6. Quitting your job with no prospects

This will not always work out. Yes, the movies have told you to leave it all, because ye sab moh maya hai. But when you are down to the last packet of Parle-G and even the chai vale bhaiya is not willing to extend credit to you, a job helps! 


Do what you want to do in your life, but being practical is not a bad thing. Save, keep your options open, and know that a savings accounts only lasts for so long!

7. Bike Travels

Let’s get one thing clear – sitting forever on a bike does serious damage to your back, your thighs and all the other areas in between. Not to mention there is only limited stuff you can carry in a backpack. 


Getting in a car and having the comfort to stretch your feet or save yourself from unpredictable weather is not a bad option. Get your adventure thrill by doing a short ride in the evening and pick the car for that long road trip. 

8. New Year parties

Why is it that unless you’re stumbling in a crowded room with more smoke than the smog in Delhi and shouting your lungs out to say ‘Happy New Year’, you’re not celebrating it right? What is so wrong in sleeping on a comfortable time, or watching your favorite movie or simply just sitting with your parents or partner, cuddled up in a warm bed?


Give the skirts and boots a miss for the evening, settle in your pajamas and socks and enjoy the new year with a good night’s sleep or a great night of sex and wake up fresh for a new start and not hungover and smelling of smoke, whiskey and God knows what!

9. Balcony views

Yes, it’s great to have a balcony – but only if you have a view worth it. Honestly, more times than you know the only view you have from the balcony is of other buildings, wet clothes hanging and pigeons pooping. 


Stick to the comfort of your bed or the plush sofa where you lie down and watch Netflix because thankfully, the charging point is right next to you.   

10. Unconventional jobs

You know, all those writers, photographers, fashion designers and even travelers that you think have the coolest life ever – they are struggling, and working just as hard as you and even they hate their job at times.


The thrill of working overnight on a presentation and killing it the next day in a suit tailored for you is extremely satisfying. And for all the success stories that one may find of the actor who made it, there are many more struggling to even be an extra in a film. 

Let’s be practical this coming year?