If you often crib about things that you don’t have or hate life for not being as smooth as you’d thought or planned, then you probably need to meet Uma Sharma, the Principal of National Public School in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, for some inspiration

Half her lower body is paralysed and yet, this 64-year-old lady has no complaints in life. 

b’National Public Schoolxc2xa0Principal, Uma Sharma | Image Source: ANI’

Uma, according to a report filed by ANI, has been instructing school authorities from her bed with the help of a tablet and a mobile phone for the last 10 years. She monitors her class virtually from her hospital bed. She hasn’t missed a single day at school despite her condition.

She reportedly lost her husband 27 years ago. And soon after, both her son and daughter passed away in a road accident. 

Hats off to this lady. Nothing bogged her morale down. She accepted and pursued her life as it came and fought all the odds to make it till here. 

More power to you, Uma!

(Feature Image Source: ANI)