It’s bad enough looking at slimy creepy crawlies outside around us which give us chills down our spines and send us screaming for cover. They look evil and slimy and they can do terrible things to us. But it can get worse.

What if these icky crawlies got inside our body and made our warm bodies their home sweet home? What if they leached nutrients off our bodies and moved sneakily inside without us having a clue? We will let you savour that thought while we tell you about these parasites that can infect you.

1. Whipworm or Trichuris Trichiura

Whipworms cause rectal prolapse, a condition in which the rectum hangs out of the anus.

The whipworm is so named because it resembles a cow whip and can grow up to about two inches. It is ingested by dirt mixed with human feces that are loaded with the whipworm’s eggs. Children are prone to getting infected by the whipworm as they tend to crawl around in the dirt and cram their fingers in their mouths.


Whipworms can cause severe diarrhea, anemia and weight loss and in some cases can cause rectal prolapse, in which the walls of the rectum jut out from the anus.