If you were born in the first two months of the year, i.e. January and February, the stars have aligned perfectly for you. How, you may ask? 

Well, people born on these two months are more likely to be rich and famous than people born on any other month. 

We ain’t no jyotish, but there are actually three studies that solidify this bizarre yet favourable claim.

The first is from The Journal of Social Sciences. They took a look at the biggest celebrities, scientists, and politicians. 

And surprise surprise, a lot of them were born between January 20 and February 18.

All the big names – Ronda Rousey, Harry Styles, and Oprah, were born in either January or February.


Now we know that the study could simply be a coincidence, but the second study has more concrete proof of this.

The UK Office of National Statistics found that babies born at the beginning of the year went into some decent careers.

The study also found that babies born in January are most likely to become a general medical practitioner or a debt collector. While those that are born in February, have a high chance of becoming an artist.

Another study of S&P companies from 1992 to 2009 found that 10 per cent of CEOs were born in January.

Although these studies show a correlation between birth and future career, it doesn’t mean that people born after February aren’t set for a fabulous future.

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