Hear ye silently weeping souls during movie scenes of characters finding their pet dolphins or dying of some affliction. Have you been subjected to judging looks, smirks and even pointed coughing?

Roll your eyes and ignore them, because you’re most likely an awesome person and internally stronger than they probably are. 


Also, you were borne on a wave of neuropeptide ocytocin which is responsible for feelings of empathy. 

According to Paul J.  Zak, a scientist and public speaker, writing for Psychology Today, an experiment conducted by one of his students proved that emotional scenes in movies led to a spike in oxytocin levels in the blood. The oxytocin-affected volunteers turned out to be more generous with donating money to charities even without knowing who they were donating to and without the possibility of receiving a thank you in return. So overall, those capable of feeling empathy are unselfish, nice people who could make the world a happier place.


In today’s world, where stoicism in the face of suffering is considered strength and tears, a weakness, we definitely need more empathetic people around. Those who remain stoic in the face of tragedy are more often than not conveniently stowing away feelings in the recesses of their minds to deal with them later as they don’t want to face them. Empathetic people in this regard turn out to be healthier, more wholesome people who have the strength to embrace their feelings.

During movies for example, we willingly suspend disbelief to immerse ourselves in the story better. The weepy ones are better able to place themselves in someone else’s shoes to experience various perspectives other than their own. Dealing with one’s own pain is bad enough but imagine partaking in someone else’s agony too and feeling it. That needs a reserve of strength not easily found in everyone. They turn out to be the more resilient ones.


Also, they are highly imaginative and tend to be a favourite with people because they can actually care about them and be attentive listeners.

Though the empathetic souls have their hearts broken frequently by movies and books or people, they tend to heal and rebound faster, making them stronger people in the longer run. We know how hard it is for many to deal with shattered hearts but these guys are in a healthier place.


These wonderful people might cry listening to a really good song on the radio at night or while watching a movie which tends to bring back painful memories of their own. Their tears serve as a cathartic effect, almost like therapy where they let go of bottled up feelings. It is known that those cramming in their feelings to deal with them later, implode at one point and it’s not a very pretty sight.

So to those dabbing at their eyes and tooting into tissues, it’s okay to be tearful when Mumble in Happy Feet is tap-dancing away to glory. Live strong!