Every family has some top secrets that are best kept hidden. While only a few of us would want to dig up the past, when Twitter user Jessi asked people to share their deep and dark family secrets, many just jumped on the bandwagon. 

And people did share some of the darkest kept family secrets. Well, some of them are really disturbing.

1. “Half of their kids were not their biological kids.”

2. “We could never open the door when our parents were away.”

3. “My great-grandpa’s best friend raped my grandma.”

4. “I turned out to be someone else’s son.”

5. “I was molested by him again and again.”

6. “My uncle let his new wife get pregnant by a sperm donor.”

7. “Her father treated her more like a wife than a daughter.”

8. “My grandfather killed himself, and I discovered the truth in newspaper.”

9. “My grandma had twin sisters who weren’t actually her sisters.”

10. “My mom found out that her dad murdered someone.”

11. “One of my sisters is actually my half sister.”

12. “My dad may not actually be my biological father.”

13. “I used to go meet my dad in prison for years.”

14. “I can’t ever look at my grandparents the same.”

15. “My brother raped me, later I had his child.”

Do you have more stories to add?

You can read the entire thread here.

All images sourced from Twitter.