You know you’ve been waiting for this to be proved, and well, now it is. While most well-wishers would jump at telling you the negative effects of alcohol consumption related to liver damage and what not, researchers have been focusing on the much more interesting facet of ingesting the elixir. In fact, the spirit might have much more pleasant and beneficial effect on your health than you would have imagined.

A study claims that people who have never had alcohol have a higher chance of dying prematurely.

When compared with people who drink regularly in moderate and heavy amounts, those who do not drink at all have a higher chance of dying prematurely. Time reported that abstaining from alcohol could seriously increase the chance of a shorter life span.

Researchers at the University of Texas conducted a 20-year-long study on 1,824 participants.

Only 41% of the total number of moderate drinkers died prematurely as compared to an amazing 69% of non-drinkers. Heavy drinkers on the other hand, fared better than those who did not drink at all, with a 60% mortality rate. Setting aside the risks of cirrhosis and several types of cancer, those who drink regularly seem to lead a longer life.

One of the reasons speculated to result in this is that alcohol serves as a social lubricant.

Having a strong social network has directly been correlated to increased physical and mental fitness. Non-drinkers have shown to demonstrate higher susceptibility to depression and social anxiety.

We’re not telling you to go get sloshed. But now, you have good reason to.

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