Every time I’m with my friends, I never order food. I never volunteer to pick up the phone, ask people around me what they feel like eating and placing an order.


You know why?

Nope, not because I’m lazy. Not because I’m a miser. Not because I hate them.

But because in every group, there will be some people who will take their own sweet time and then bluntly say that one dreaded line.

“Hmm…Kuch bhi order kar de.”

And dealing with people like these is a headache of the highest order.

I mean already bahut confusions hain life mein, bro.

“Beta science kyun nahin li?”

“Beta aagey ka kya socha hai?”

“Beta shaadi kab karoge?”

“Beta government job kyun nahin karte?”

I don’t need any more additions to my list. And “Kuch bhi manga de” is just not helping my cause.

Be specific, guys. Trust me, it’s not that difficult. How the hell am I supposed to know what you want?

Do I look like a fuckin’ psychic to you?

You know how to read. Just read the menu, pretend you’re an adult and then order something.

Just anything. Put a finger on it. Don’t go abstract on me by saying “Oh I’m up for anything” or “Mujhe toh kuch bhi chalega.”

Well, mujhe nahin chalega. 

‘Cause figuring out what I feel like eating at a particular moment in time is taxing enough.

Which is why I don’t need additional responsibilities. 


AND, to add insult to injury, these people are the first ones to criticize any food item that you order.

Can you imagine. 

Matlab pehle toh you want someone else to make an effort for you.

And then you have the audacity to criticize that effort.

*Slow clap*


There’s another, even more shameless breed of people.

The ones who say they’re not hungry.

And then are the first ones to take a ‘bite’ from your food. And more often than not, that bite takes up more than half your food item.


If you’re reading this article and you’re the kind who says ‘Kuch bhi manga de’ a lot, do your friends a favour and change this habit of yours NOW.