It’s time for your regular dose of dog thought. Adorable and irresistibly cute, every dog lover will agree, these four-pawed creatures have rightfully earned the title of being a “man’s best friend” and there’s little doubt about it. Humans have also included dogs in every space. 

Even then, you will hardly find a dog inside any religious shrine. Not if you’re Pepsi.

It’s time you met Pepsi. He is the dog who stays in a Gurudwara, chills wherever he wants to, sleeps next to the holy books, is adored by everyone, loves the ‘prasad’ and ‘langar’, chomps on it religiously (BTW he does not eat anything else) and has made the Gurudwara his home. The dog has decided to stay.

“We will never know what makes Pepsi spend his days in the Gurudwara but stories like these are an example for humans to be kind and helpful to all animals around us,” this blog reports.

Well, Pepsi, happy chilling in the Gurudwara. Maybe he’s just finding himself!

H/T: Gurpreet Chawla