Life has a way of bringing in unexpected turns which weren’t according to our plan. But then that’s just the way life is, unpredictable. Many millennials baffled by the world and its accompanying disillusionment give way to panic and one such youngster among many was Deeksha Rathore, a student in Mumbai. But parents, seasoned by life, have some sagacious words of wisdom which ring true when we are in a fix. Deeksha‘s mother told her that one seldom ends up following the path they thought they would, and that’s alright.

Inspired, Deeksha set out to finish a college project named Dreamcatcher in which she juxtaposed pictures of people in their current profession, with pictures of them showing what they dreamt of being as children. 

Take a look:

A juicewala creating syrupy goodness, who nursed a dream of being part of the Indian Army. 

A bartender shaking up a drink who also wanted to shake hands on business deals.

A doctor whose heart wanted to follow cricket.

An air hostess with the skies at her feet, a console in her bag and music in her soul. 

A mithai maker whose hands deftly shape sweets but wanted to trace exquisite designs on paper.

A bai who wanted to be on stage and show off her talent as a dancer.

A jeweller who wanted to fly high as an air hostess.

A cobbler with just the right amount of attitude to be a cop.

Autowalla by day, artist by night. 

A paanwala who wanted to be a security personnel and make people feel safe in their homes.

A sabziwala with a penchant for cooking delicious food. 

A salesman with a secret passion for carrom.

What did you want to be as a kid?