French photographer Mikael Theimer‘s girlfriend Marion hates posing for the camera. And while this may frustrate a photographer to no end, this adorable gentleman found a way to capture his love and muse in a series of heart-melting portraits. And they are precious.

When asked about the series, Mikael told us that the amount of attention this series got came as a surprise to both him and Marion.

“I realize now that you only ever see the photos of the people who love to be in front of a camera, so I see how this series can resonate with all the people who, on the contrary, don’t. We’re both glad to have made them all smile, and see that they’re not the only ones to have this problem.”

Go on, send these to your boyfriend. He has copious note-taking to do. Excuse me while I go on and admire Theimer’s other lovely work here and here.