There are many things that we, as part of a society, are yet to change. 

Sadly, racism is a big part of the change that should come about, but hasn’t.

Either subconsciously, or actively, people have indulged in casual racism, to the point that they don’t even feel its offensive anymore. 

But the reality is that racism was and will always be offensive. And the need to educate children and adults alike is just as relevant today, as it was a few decades ago. 

In an effort to do exactly this, Bridge Music Academy and Culture Fox came together to launch ‘The Racist Cover’. 

It is a simple yet powerful attempt to not only sensitize children to the need for equality, but to also showcase how each voice, irrespective of the color of its origin, matters. 

Watch the video here: 

It is certainly a beautiful and commendable action, and hopefully will have a lasting effect.