When a beggar approaches your car window at a traffic signal, how often have you found yourself wondering what their story was? Not often, I reckon. But Avani Sharma and her sister Urvi had one of those rare moments of wonderment and in an instance of humanity at its best, they discovered the person underneath the beggar.

Kiran Sakhi decided to embrace her intersexual identity two years ago and join the hijra community.

Despite the fact that she holds a post-graduate degree in Computer Science, she lost her job for having made this choice. And has had to resort to begging to sustain herself since.

After having spotted her at the Samalka traffic signal near The Uppal hotel on Dwarka road several times, Avani and her sister spoke to Kiran Sakhi only to discover her heartbreaking story. The Punjab University graduate has held multiple positions in the IT sector, is comfortable working with computers, and can do basic html coding and can maintain Linux servers.

In a Facebook post accounting their story of this encounter along with Kiran Sakhi’s resume, Avani urges people to get in touch with them if they know of places that’d be open to providing her with gainful employment and an accepting work environment.

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The internet is out to help her, and let’s face it – the internet rarely fails a mission the people trust it with. We wish you all the very best, Kiran Sakhi. And thank you, Avani and Urvi, for restoring our faith in humanity.