Everyone loves a good puzzle. The intrigue, the brain-tickling and the feeling of being utterly indestructible once you solve it – no matter how simple the puzzle may seem afterwards! Well, Boredom Therapy brought one such puzzle to us right here. They say if you can solve this, you could well be a genius.

So go on and find your name in this word search puzzle. Let me assure you, it ain’t no easy feat – so take your time. But if you manage to do it, mad props to you.

Did you get it? Don’t worry if you didn’t, ’cause most of us were pretty stumped too. The trick is to look not for your own name, but for the words ‘your name’!!! It shows up in three places.

Gotcha, right? Those sneaky, sneaky bastards!

Your Sunny Girlfriend

I won’t keep you. Time to see how many of your friends can crack this bitch.

Masthead source: Artfido, Feature source: Boredom Therapy, Park Community School