Greatness is not always as celebrated as it should be.

You might not have heard the name, Alan Watts, but he was one of the most profound figures of philosophy. Born in England, this British maestro of thoughts took Eastern philosophy to the West. He was a Zen propagator as well and proposed that Buddhism could be considered as a form of psychotherapy, not just a religion. The world listened.

How incredible is that?

He also owned the realm of ‘time’ and ‘space’ and made many significant statements based on his observations of how the universe functions. Being exposed to his work will leave you in complete awe of his otherworldly outlook.

No seriously, his recorded talks and lectures are available online on YouTube. Just play one of the videos while having a cup of tea. You’ll be amazed by how much you soak in just by listening. His eloquence will have you hooked.

As for now, we’ll make do with his best quotes.

Thanks, Alan. We’ll remember.

Design credits: Gauri Saxena