Siblings are like your default partner in crime, from sneaking in junk food from under mummy’s nose to keeping secrets about who you were with last night. There is no other bond like the one you develop with your sibling. Just like any other relation this one has its complications too.

We came across this beautiful poetry recitation by 19-year-old Rabia Kapoor, actor Rajat Kapoor’s daughter, who talks about her relationship with her brother. 

She pours her heart out to definitely touch yours. 

She started out as his super hero, at his tender age the world was full of awe and she was the one with a cape draped across her shoulders, protecting him from all the evil in the world. 


She talks about the little worn out parts of their relationship, how it made them drift apart, the small decisions that leave your relation a little less perfect than before.


When you begin to grow and reality comes into perspective. She didn’t live up to her promise, she wasn’t who she made him believe.

But now that they both were older and wiser maybe they could share the burden and look out for each other. 


 You can watch the entire video here: 

So whip out that old bed sheet and snuggle up together with each other because its never too late to annoy your siblings just because you miss them.

Design Credits: Mir Suhail