Cleaning wardrobes, and rummaging through boxes, and drawers filled with letters, scribbled notes and classroom conversations can take us back in time, filling us with memories that refuse to leave.

Remember when you were 17? The little girl got mixed up under peer pressure, struggling to figure things out, not knowing what’s right and wrong, trying to mimic the world and getting bogged down by things only to realise none of it mattered, in the long run. 

In a video, released by the YouTube channel Blush, starring Radhika Apte, she stumbles upon her picture when she was 17 years old, and wonders what advice she would roll out to her teenage self.  


That’s when she lands at this thought


Maybe put that mousse down. No, that hair mousse. And let your hair misbehave. That’s what adds to your beauty


Life, after all, is nothing but a sum total of its little moments. Stop worrying and live in the moment fully


Don’t let people’s perspective shadow yours

And don’t let your skin colour take decisions for you


Go for something you’re scared of and conquer it


And it ends with this beautiful thought


Watch the full video here:

Source: Blush

It’s not just for the 17-year-old self, this is a beautiful message for everyone who somehow got so tangled up, that they still haven’t figure things out.

Go #FindYourBeautiful, if you haven’t already.