Sitting at your desk, dreamin’ and drooling your way through the work-week, the mind goes to some pretty strange places. You start imagining yourself doing all kinds of things once the blessed weekend comes through.


Even though you people dream they’ll do a million things during the week, it all comes crashing down on the weekend.

You imagine you’ll finally link up with all the friends in Gurgaon/Dwarka/Noida you’ve been cancelling plans with ‘cos you can’t be arsed to drive that far. You imagine yourself playing some sports, being a total outdoorsman… just really utilising the day. Carpe diem.


That feeling multiplies exponentially when you’ve got a long weekend.

Deciding where to go, who’s going and how to get there becomes top priority.

Suddenly, your friends are figuring out trips out of town. Flights, trains, buses – your Whatsapp group becomes a flurry of activity. Hills ya beach? Safari ya siesta?


Why do you guys even bother? I mean you just end up spending more time travelling than you do in the place itself. I’d rather just watch stuff at home, thank you very much.  

Over time, I’ve realised that instead of indulging in a forced and hurried excursion, I’d rather stay home and binge watch my way through the chhuttis. Don’t get me wrong, I love exploring new places and doing all that Eat, Pray, Love shit, but you end up spending more time getting to your destination than you do in the place itself.


If you want to go through the physical and mental exhaustion of planning and executing a trip, go ahead. I’m gonna watch Narcos season 3.

To properly travel, you need at least a week to soak in the vibe of the place, to find out where things are really popping, and to eat ALL THE FOOD! But alas, a 3-day voyage affords little in the way of leisurely luxury. You flit from one tourist trap to the next, constantly rushing and never really satisfied. What’s the point?


It might sound lame, but fitting in my idea of travel into a 3-day weekend is nigh impossible, so I might as well just Netflix and chill the F@#k out. 

For those of us with a somewhat… slothful disposition, simply not having to go in to work is adventure enough. Getting baked in the winter sun, sippin’ on a margarita, jammin’ with your buds – you can do all that right here at home. Of course, at a very freudian level, I know one of the main reasons I get excited about a long weekend is so I can finish my every-growing list of unwatched TV shows and movies.


There’s few things better than waking up late, whippin’ up a champion’s breakfast, and speed-watching your way through season 1, 2 and 3 of whatever. Jai Netflix! Jai high speed internet! And a very spirited jai to staying in on long weekends! Ciao for now!