The start-up culture is taking the country by storm. Gone are those days when fresh graduates dreamt of working in an MNC. Today, it’s all about joining a cool start-up and giving it your all.

A start-up organization is easy to identify, thanks to its colorful office, decorated with bean bags and wacky chairs, people roaming around in shorts, open workstations and a well-stocked refrigerator.

Here are some reasons why working in a start-up is awesome:

1. Literally everyone is of the same age, even the bosses.

Your colleagues are a passionate bunch of young people who are full of zeal and determination. Working with people who fall into the same age-group as yours makes work even more exciting. 

2.  There’s no room for boredom because you will have a new thing to do every day.

“Working at a start-up offers a different type of reward: an incentive-based system that isn’t based on money but rather on skills attained and opportunities seized.” The fun part is that you get to wear several hats. After all, who gets a chance to be on the sales team, the marketing team, and sit in a fund-raising meeting all in the same day?

3. Unlike in conventional companies, here your work is ALWAYS recognized.

Seeing your work make an impact is perhaps the most fulfilling experience you can ever have. At a start-up, it’s nearly impossible not to notice a job well done or to give credit where it is due. If you succeed, the team will recognize it instantly.

4. Wear what you like, no one will ever judge you.

Pitch ideas to investors in shorts and no one will mind. That’s the beauty of an informal start-up culture! 

5. Free food. Need I say more?

Who doesn’t like free food? And when you are working in a company that has shelves and refrigerators stocked with your favourite goodies, you can be sure that there will never be a dull day in office.

6. No one believes in the whole ‘Work Hard – Play Hard’ concept like a start-up does.

As if the open workstations which allow easy accessibility weren’t enough, start-ups go that extra mile to save an employee from being bored. That’s why they believe in pampering their employees with the latest gaming and work-out equipment.

7. In a start-up, you don’t have co-workers, you have friends.

Most start-up companies begin small, so it is easier to form bonds and connect with your colleagues on a personal level. 

8. The key to success is making the best of what you have.

Most start-ups are short on resources so you quickly learn to innovate and make the best of what you have.  

9. Work-Life balance is a concept they live by.

Need to visit the doctor? Sure, leave early. Need to take your car to a mechanic? No issue, come in later. That’s the flexibility a start-up offers. This certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t have enough work to keep their employees engaged, but they know that life happens, and in order to have happy employees, they must allow them to have a healthy work-life balance.

10. Inspiration is in the air. All the time.

You hang out with smart people and learn about things you never knew existed. The culture motivates you to put your best foot forward.

11. Most start-ups put in a lot of effort to make their offices warm and welcoming. A great example of this is the office of GrabOn!

The office has these awesome Japanese-style sleeping pods which can tempt anyone to take a nap!

There are many more cool things GrabOn offers its employees! Already want to work here?

Well, you shouldn’t miss this video:

Feature Image Source: Wikipedia