Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, it’s hard not to get frightened when you’re alone in the house and you hear something go bump in the night. 

A Reddit thread asked people to share their paranormal experiences and the comments are terrifying AF!

My grandmother died when I was in Kindergarten but I remember she would put wet washcloths on my cousins foreheads when they were teenagers and wouldn’t get out of bed. One time in college my alarm didn’t go off but I felt a really cold wet feeling on my forehead, like a washcloth. It immediately woke me up and I saw my grandmother standing over me telling me I needed to get up and out of bed. I looked at my alarm and it was *6:45. I still made it to the exam.


My house is old and constantly has weird things happening in it. One night my ex and I were fast asleep when someone or something banged on our bedroom door. I know it really happened because we both woke up. I quickly grabbed my gun out of my nightstand and flung the door open within like 5 seconds of this happening and no one was there. I ran throughout the entire house with my chest pounding fully expecting to find an intruder. All I found was my dogs asleep on the kitchen floor. They bark at everything and are very good guard dogs meaning that they heard nothing. I still cannot explain how this happened.


I was 4 or 5 and had a dream about this guy with a hole in his throat in my bedroom. He told me not to be scared and I told him I wasn’t. He said he just wanted to ask questions about the family, how everyone was doing and I told him, then I woke up. I told my grandmother about the dream and she turned white. She got out a photo album. I saw his picture and went “That’s him! But why did he have a hole in his throat?”


The night after my father died when I was trying to sleep I felt this heaviness in the air, it was this thick heavy pressure that made it feel nearly impossible to breathe. It finally let up after I managed to sorta clear my throat and say “dad stop it” but I still have a weird suspicion that maybe the old man didn’t know he was dead and just needed confirmation.


One night I was in bed where I could see into the bathroom and the tiny hallway. I couldn’t sleep, so I started pleasuring myself. I looked into the dark and I swear there was something watching me do this. So, I start talking dirty to it and just watched as I saw it back away from me right into the bathroom, where that light turned on immediately. I haven’t felt anything since. I scared a ghost away from me while jacking off by talking dirty to it.


When I was a kid, I was always afraid of ghosts. To hide from them at night, I’d hide completely under my blankets, because for some reason that made me feel safe. This helped, until one day it started raining onto my blanket. I would hear the sound of heavy drops continuously fall on the top of my blanket. Sometimes a few drops every now and then, sometimes like a shower. The few times I dared to get out from under my blankets I always noticed that my blankets were never wet, and it wasn’t raining outside. No idea what that was, but it was sure terrifying.


One specific night, I remember not being able to sleep (as usual), and then all of a sudden, my stomach lifted upwards (being supported by my shoulders and feet which were on the bed), and my head kept pivoting to my left and right. All the while speaking verbally, having no control over what was coming out of my mouth in addition to my body. I can’t remember what I said, as it was a long time ago, but I remember fearing my bed for several months after that night.


One particular night after I took care of business, I was going to wash my hands before sleeping. However some strange feeling came over me like I should check out what’s in front of my bedroom door. I opened it a crack and peered through and my heart sank. I saw a pale woman with long black hair staring back at me. I calmly closed my door and locked it and tried to go to bed with the lights on. It was a good solid couple of months before I could bring myself to even think of beating it. Now that I think of it, I remember our folks telling us the previous owners practiced black magic there. Maybe I was just seeing things.


I was playing on my laptop at 2 o’clock in the night. I thought I’d take a break from my game. I went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water. I brought my phone with me, so I set it down on the counter while I poured myself a glass. As I drank, I got this weird feeling like I should look at my phone. Like, I was thinking to myself: “why would I need to look at my phone?” I couldn’t help myself so I took a glance. My phone started spinning slowly on its own. At this point, I thought it must be the wind, or it was vibrating, I don’t know. But there was no wind and my phone was not vibrating. I couldn’t stop looking at my phone now, as it spun faster and faster until it was obvious that something was acting on it. Grabbed my phone, and promptly slept in my room.


So about two years ago, we had a scout camp at an abandoned industrial zone. The place had a lot of land space, so instead of the woods, we were allowed to pitch our tents there. One night me & my friend quickly finished dinner and were returning to our campsite, when we noticed a girl, standing in the middle of the road, (a couple of hundred metres from us). We thought she was another fellow scout, so we waved at her, but she just stood there staring at us for a few moments. Then she slowly started walking away. We decided to run to catch up, but by the time we reached her she was nowhere to be seen. We searched everywhere & what’s worse was that the path she took lead into a dead end, and it was also a restricted area.



I used to work at an old mental institution. I was in the basement of the Youth dorm, it was 6 am. The basement is a one way area, no other egress. As I left the storage area (last room in the basement), I clearly heard someone clear their throat right behind me. When I turned around, there was only the wall behind me. As I ran up the stairs, I could hear steps following me up.



When I was a child and sleeping at my grandparent’s old house, I woke up in the middle of the night to the song of a music box. I turned on the light and it immediately stopped. When I turned off the light, the song started again. I hid under my blanket.



That art building is notoriously haunted. I finished up my work around 2 am and started cleaning up my stuff, ready to lock up the place and head home for the night. The door to ceramics was closed and locked, and all the lights were out inside. As I was walking from the metal room to the wood room to turn off the lights, I heard the door to the ceramics room unlock and open up behind me. I didn’t waste any time. I bolted out of the exit on the other end of the wood room, flicking off the lights and shutting the automatically-locking door behind me. I ran down the hill leading away from the art building until I was out of breath, and turned to look behind me. The lights in the metal room- the same ones I had turned off- were on.



I saw my deceased mother walk out of her room and into my daughters room. It happened multiple times. Finally I hauled ass down the hallway and hopped onto the sofa where my dad was sitting. I told him I just saw mom to which he calmly replied “yea I see her too, sometimes we talk”. When she was sick she would be up late walking around. For the longest time you would still hear her feet on the hardwood floor.


When I was young, I went in the kitchen to see what there was to eat. While I was there, I saw my younger bro walk out of the kitchen into the backyard. I was confused because it was getting dark so there was no reason for him to be out there. Immediately after he walked out, my mom closed and locked the door. I told her not to because my bro was still out there. She shook her head and told me he was in the living room. I went to check, and he was sitting on a couch in the living room. No one was in our backyard. I still don’t know what it was that I saw that evening. It definitely looked like my younger bro, but there’s no way he could have gone into our backyard and come back in through the front door in seconds like that.


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