Ever since Instagram frothed its way to the top of the vicious social media circle, it has catapulted narcissism to a higher ground. The ingress of Instagram definitely led these Londoners to exhibit their wealth in the most lecherous ways possible. Some just really believe in the saying, “Have it, flaunt it!”


Shieeeeeeeet, there’s a mark on the shoe. Let me wipe it off with the 50 P note that I have

When I went to Uni, I had to change three rickety DTC buses

Regent’s Uni @hamzaayazsheikh #rkoi

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Because “Fuck You” Bourgeosie

U.K. da “Yo Yo Honey Singh”

Because all you “kitna deti hai” types are “2 Rs people”

#bentley #rkoi #richkidsoflondon #car #luxury #luxurycars #sportscar #london #mayfair #knightsbridge #harrods #rich

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“Kadmon mein duniya”

While you kids fuss over IRCTC’s reservation portal, Imma zip-zap-zoom in a private jet

Because “depart in style”

“Tu janta nahi mera baap kaun hai?”

He definitely needs to feature in “Poonjabi Rap” videos, bruhhh!

“Haan yahi pyaar hai”

“Sadde naal rahoge te aish karoge”

Gaadi. Check. Bangla. Check

If I could scrape some paint off the car, I’d be a millionaire

Gold Bentley ✨ #gold #bentley #rkoi #london #mayfair #knightsbridge #chelsea #harrods #rich #luxury #luxurylife #luxurylifestyle

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Car-lifonia Love

“Because sofas are for peasants”

Sid Mallya, is that you?

The caption says, “while there is a war in Ukraine, rich kids move to a quieter spot in Knightsbridge.” (whatever that has to do with the war)

Please buy some food too…

Ferrari & champagne and I’m sorted

All I need is #Ferrari #Champagne #snapback #richkids #rkoi

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