The divide between the rich and the poor is the widest it has been in decades. And not just in India. This is one of the by-products of capitalism and it’s a global phenomenon. We might not realise it, but photographer and documentary filmmaker Johny Miller did.

And in his photos, he has tried to show us the stark differences between the rich and poor in various cities across the world. 

That’s the economic capital of India, Mumbai!

This is what Dharavi looks like. And just in case you were wondering, those buildings, that’s the National Stock Exchange!

Detroit! Speak of inequality!

Just in case you were wondering, most of us represent the images on the left.

For any nation to truly prosper, the gap between the rich and the poor must be contained, if not abolished. 

Why should the select 1% live in the most vacant of spaces while the poor live in piles of garbage?

At this point, it’s is not just unfair but borderline traumatic. 

Remind anyone of home yet?

It’s everywhere.

So here we are, feeling a little bad, maybe, conflicted about where we fit in these pictures. But that is the most we are doing and it is not enough.