Before the torrent of social media websites and apps took over our lives and the millennials came to be, there was a time – not so in distant in the past – when reading a book, tireless games and hopeless banter made for the highlights of a child’s day. And what stands out of all things that act as a reminder for those simple, bygone days, are Roald Dahl’s quirky stories for children. 

Roald Dahl was, perhaps, the first author to give every child their first glimpse of the ironic and funny but slightly-horrifying and dark world of the grown-ups. Because where else will you find children dropping like flies in search of a chocolate factory?   

That was the beauty of Roald Dahl’s genius, always observant and always unraveling the inner workings of the human character. And he had a keen eye and a marvellous sense of humour.   

If one wants to understand human character then one must read Roald Dahl, unfailingly. 

No wonder Roald Dahl is everyone’s favourite genius.

Artwork by Anish Daolagupu, designs by Rohit Jakhu.