Some pairs just belong together, and just looking at them can make your day! And while human pairs may eventually break up, these love stories go on for ever and ever!

So here are 12 pairs that absolutely belong together, making us all believe in true love!

1. Coffee & Books 

A steaming cup of coffee and a book is the perfect pick me up! Curl up by your regular reading nook and get lost in an imaginary world!

2. Fairy Lights & Trees

Trees adorned by fairy lights can light up even the driest of areas. Even though fairy lights definitely hold some secret magic to make any thing, from mirrors to old wine bottles, appear charming, trees and fairy lights is a special combination indeed!

3. Clear Sea & Wooden Bridges

It’s not just the perfect background for your next display picture, but also a sight to behold. Clear water reflects everything so perfectly, but to have a bridge right next to it or crossing through it makes it even better!

4. Plain Grounds & Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves have a unique beauty, and trees look both fragile and graceful during the season. However, a park or road full of fallen autumn leaves is a site to behold. It’s more than just a picture for your Instagram profile; it is an extremely satisfying thing to watch!

5. Flowers & Butterflies

If Autumn comes, can Spring be far behind?” 

Just like the autumn leaves need nothing but the plain ground for company, the brightness of blooming flowers in Spring needs no further accompaniment than pretty butterflies.

 6. Sand & Shells

Watching tiny shells flung across the ocean beach is an inherently calming sight. Even though the shells are haphazardly arranged, there is a natural symphony in the view.

7. Alcohol & Peanuts

There is just something about the little bowl of peanuts next to a chilled beer or whiskey on the rocks, or even the stylish cocktail glass that puts even the most elaborate starter to shame.

8. Chocolate Brownies & Vanilla Ice-Cream

Nothing, absolutely nothing suits a warm brownie oozing with melted chocolate as well as a perfectly rounded scoop of Vanilla ice-cream. It is a sight that satisfies all senses, because it smells heavenly, tastes great, is a visual delight and yes, the chocolate is meant to be licked off your hands!

9. Waterfalls & Forests

Waterfalls are a wonder that nature has blessed mankind with. Add lush green forests to its surrounding, and the image is too pretty to be true! You have to see it to believe it.

10. Paper Boats & Still Water

It is not just about reliving your childhood, but paper boats on still water hold an innocence that can melt any heart. Don’t believe me? Give it a try the next time it rains and try and stop the smile that sneaks on your face.

11. Chai & Sutta

Be it the first sip of morning tea or beating the evening chill, or even taking a break from office work, there is nothing that better suits a hot cup of chai than a smoldering sutta.

12. Pakoras & Chutney

How can one even eat pakoras without spicy mint chutney or tangy tamarind chutney to dip them into? Piping hot pakoras in the company of humble chutney make this a combination too yummy for words!

Know of any other such pairs? Let us know in the comments section below.  

Feature image courtesy wildlinggirl.