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Being young can make you do insane things which are guaranteed to make for an interesting story. Especially during our college days, when making impromptu plans with friends was the norm. We wouldn’t think twice before packing our bags (sometimes even without them) and head out of town for an adventure.

Although the clock eventually ticks over to responsibility time. We get busy with work and even catching up with old friends seems like events from another lifetime.

Days, months, and even years go by, without us meeting those friends who were once just a blink away. It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s just that there’s a lot more planning involved now. But, what if you were given a chance of making an impromptu trip?

A chance to fly to your best friend’s city, no questions asked? Would you do it?

To find the answer, Kingfisher came up with the Kingfisher Friendship Day Challenge where they stationed YouTube celebrity Sahil Khattar outside the Kolkata airport. Sahil had a simple task for the travelers – cancel all your plans and head to your best friend’s city, RIGHT NOW! While some weren’t up to the challenge, there were a few who actually canceled their plans and took the leap to travel across the country for an unforgettable reunion with their friends.

Here’s the video (which has already hit 7 million views) of the Kingfisher Friendship Day challenge and it just might inspire you to make that impromptu plan: