For the uninitiated, Sapna Bhavnani is a celebrity hairstylist, reality TV star, fashion designer, writer and a force to reckon with. Not one to mince her words, Bhavnani is widely known for being vocal for an array of issues. She made headlines last year when she revealed that she was gangraped at the age of 24. 

Recently she came up with a photo project that shows her getting married many-a-times. It all started when four years ago Bhavnani was in Berlin and went to try a wedding dress but was refused because of her shaved head and ink.

“To be 45 year old woman; unmarried and childless, is definitely ‘loser’ material worldwide. The word ‘spinster’ that once was a compliment cuz it meant someone (mainly a woman) who would spin well and therefore was financially independent now pretty much means ‘crazycatlady’, ‘old hag’ or ‘you poor thing'”, says Bhavnani.

Bhavnani saw the entire institution in a new light and started questioning the idea of marriage. She further adds “Not that I really care to be called any of these stereotypes, but the spinster in me couldn’t resist destroying the notion of marriage as we know it and provoked me to enter the sacred ritual with places/animals/things/humans I felt respect and commitment towards. The rest like they say is ‘herstory'”.

She married herself

In a cool but powerful statement, she promised to love, respect and cherish herself in rain and shine.