The thing about today’s world is that we’re all easily influenced by something or someone.

While some come under the influence of those in power, others choose to follow the herd mentality. And as a result, we’re living in a world with a zillion problems with no clear solution to either one of the issues. 

Trying to jolt us out of our collective ignorance, artist Gunduz Agayev has illustrated some of the most pressing problems of the world we live in, stressing on the importance for all of us to rethink what we’re doing. 

You can take a look at them here. These will certainly make you think twice!

1. The last oasis!

2. Modern Human 

3. Political Prisoners

4. Trump’s Toy

5. Miracle travel

6. Rescue 

7. Execution of Sofia

8. Applause

13. Terror Order

You can check out more of his work here.