There are 3 kinds of people. People like you and I who always look for the best deals and discounts before buying anything. The rich ones who don’t think twice before swiping their cards. And then there are the filthy rich Saudi princes who practically device new and outrageous ways to throw their money around and show off their fancy digs. 

Because why the heck not.

We know about the glittering lives of Saudi sheikhs and princes. They can even bring London traffic to a halt with their fleet of gold-plated super cars.

Or stir up a storm on social media with photographs of their pet wild cat casually buckled up in the passenger seat.

But if you think that this is the height of their extravagance, then you’re grossly mistaken. 

This time, a Saudi prince booked seats on a commercial airliner for his 80 falcons.  

The photograph, shared by a Reddit user, shows countless feathered passengers exhibiting utmost discipline and patience.

Falconry is quite popular in the Middle East, and the UAE even requires passports for the birds to fly. And if a Gulf News report is to be trusted, the UAE government has apparently issued passports for more than 28,000 falcons between 2002 and 2013!

Lufthansa even has a bird stand called the Falcon Master to make the birds feel at home.

Well, just rich people things!