I’ve been telling my brother that I am the best thing about his life for 23 years, but he dismisses my opinion every single time. 

Turns out, he doesn’t have that option now.


Science proves that sisters make you a better person by teaching you things like compassion, empathy, while sharpening your interpersonal and communication skills, reports Huffington Post.

Please hand me my thug life glasses, someone.


According to the study published in the Journal of Family Psychology, sisters also help you develop a better mental well being by reducing stress from your life. 

So, every time they helped you hide those beer bottles or distracted parents while you were talking to your girlfriend/boyfriend, they were boosting your mental health. 


They also make you more giving and selfless. 

“Sisters promote positive social behaviors such as compassion and altruism when they show love and affection,” reports Huffington Post

Dil Se Desi

Lastly, that special someone you were able to woo, successfully, well that is also something you owe to your sister because they helped you in developing good interpersonal skills. 

Good to get validation from science. Sisters are the best, indeed.