Creativity is the juice of life. It’s what keeps us all going, it’s what keeps the world spinning. And the people that bring it into our lives deserve to be understood better. Well, thanks to the unending efforts of research and study, we have come to gain a better understanding of creative folk in the world.

Here are 13 facts about creative people that set them apart from everyone else.


The tendency of creative people to daydream and fantasise blurs their barriers between sleep and wakefulness – making their dreams far realer experiences than for others.


Physical activity known to let the mind wander, improves one’s mood and playing the part of a daily ritual is an important part of the creative lifestyle.


Be it in the form of naps, breaks to listen to music or just taking a beat to be with yourself, making a conscious effort to sit back and relax.


Some of the best ideas show up out of nowhere when you let your mind go places. And that’s a concept creative people have pat down. They welcome distractions and it gets their creative juices flowing.


Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is a characteristic creative people swear by. It is only by taking risks that one break down their limitations. And they do it with pleasure.


Taking on more than one challenge is seen as yet another way of distracting oneself and letting a new perspective in – something creativity thrives on. So needless to say, working on multiple projects at a time is something all creative people do or seek to do.


While the specifics may vary from individual to individual, most successful creative people swear by the development of a schedule or routine that helps them channel all their energy in the most constructive of ways. They identify the times and practices that make them most productive, and they make the most of it.


A change of setting allows the mind to create new ideas revisit old ones with a fresh perspective. It has been observed that those with a creative bent of mind subscribe to this strategy in choosing where they work – which is usually not restricted to one setting.


While it may seem completely random to strangers, a creative person’s mess is very methodical. It is organised and it facilitates their process of creative reasoning on their terms.


Travel is one of the most effective ways to broaden one’s perspective and that has a distinct impact on creativity. It has been observed that learning about a foreign culture enhances cognitive complexity and flexibility – in turn promoting creative thought.


If one is scared of creating work they’re less than proud of, one will never make it to their masterpiece, and creative people get this. This makes them far more forgiving towards sub-par work – be it their own or someone else’s.


Creative people are highly intrinsically motivated. They’re driven far more by their inner desires and true passions than by external reward or recognition. Challenging activities energise them and it’s what keeps ’em going.


Studies have found a close connection between not having ‘normal’ sleeping hours and sharper creative and cognitive reasoning. And it is thus, hardly surprising that those that go to bed and rise later than most are more creatively inclined.

Creativity. There ain’t no stopping it.

Super creative designs by Disha Bhanot