Facebook may be riddled with your friends’ wedding albums or ‘In A Relationship’ statuses, but none of it seems to faze you and your easy-going single-person life. One way to explain this may be that single people simply rule. But in case, you needed any more explanations, guess who’s got your back? Yours truly, and…

1.  If you’re single, it probably means you’re doing better at work.

Don’t take my word for it, extensive research on the subject shows how people unattached in committed romantic relationships demonstrate a stronger drive in the professional arena and therefore tend to do better.

2. Simply put, single people do exactly what they want.

With no likes or dislikes of a partner curbing you, as a single person, you end up living life on your own terms. One wouldn’t really even need scientific proof to know this is true!

3. You love yourself. More so than most others.

You are the person who’s responsible for keeping you happy and fulfilled. Let’s just say you’re in good hands, then. Single people are found to be far closer to happiness as opposed to people who depend on their partners for emotional contentment.

4. Single people are likely to stay in better shape.

You value your body as much as you do your mind and therefore pay attention to it. Studies have shown that single people exercise more often than those in committed relationships, and lead a generally more active life.

5. Being by yourself does not scare you.

Unlike most others out there, you are comfortable with yourself and have been observed to not be afraid of being alone. Mind you, I said alone, not ‘lonely’. There’s a big difference, and single people understand it better than anyone.

6. Being single makes you extremely independent.

You’re accustomed to carrying out your chores and dealing with everything big and small life throws at you with an extra dash of flair. ‘Cause with no partner to pamper you, you’re basically an unstoppable efficiency machine.

7. You are stronger than your committed counterparts.

Being single is like intensive training in life. You’ve gone through all your rough patches, faced all your stress and solved all problems by yourself, without any outside help, and you’re still here. Not only are you still here, you thrived on the resilience you built. And guess what, researchers agree.

8. You sleep better. This can’t be surprising.

Not being in a relationship basically keeps all those late night phone calls, discussions or worse, fights and all the stress that comes with a relationship OUT of your life. As a result, guess what, you sleep an adequate number of hours and you sleep better!

9. Being single actually helps you maintain a healthy daily routine.

Let’s face it, not being in a relationship leaves you with plenty of time and energy to keep up with your daily routine and make time for a healthy lifestyle. Be it going for a morning walk, evening run or eating out less, it’s all easily achievable. Here’s proof.

10. You’re financially far more stable as a single person.

Fewer social obligations. That’s right. And that means more money at your disposal. Studies stand by single people being more sound with their financial management and I don’t think even you could find anyone who could refute it.

11. Single people, undeniably are better at maintaining richer friendships.

Not having a romantic partner invariably means you have more time and mind-space for your friends. These are emotional connections that you value and that last across a lifetime, and you truly know how to value them.

There you have it, folks. Romance-schmomance. Love yourself and you won’t need anything else. And you can take that to the bank, ’cause you’ve got science backing you up on this.