The Internet might be a treasure trove of information but on the flip side, it’s also a ‘mean and nasty place’. You might never know which keyword might land you where. Innocuous as they may seem, here are 12 such keywords you should definitely avoid searching for!

1. Meat Spin

No, this won’t show you a butcher shop with meat shards being cooked on a barbecue. Instead, what you’ll see is two gay men having sex with one of them spinning his cock in circles.


2. Lemon Party

Type ‘Lemon Party’ if you wish to see three “elderly” gentlemen in bed, engaging in oral sex. Eww!

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3. Kids in a Sandbox

Innocuous as it may sound, this isn’t another episode of Teletubbies. What you’d see is a woman pleasuring a man with her hand. Things however take a diabolical turn when the damsel whips out a vibrator and tries to forcibly shove it ‘inside the man’s penis’. Yes, I said it.


4. Snapewives

The term ‘Snapewives’ takes fangirl-ism to another level. There are pictures of women who believe they are married to Severus Snape from the Harry Potter books – albeit, on the astral plane! The women claim to have real-life meetings with the fictional character where they take turns to channel his spirit so that they can have wedding ceremonies enacted.


5. Mr. Hands

Mr. Hands was the professional alias of a former Boeing engineer who died 11 years ago after receiving anal sex from a horse (the act was intentional). You definitely don’t want to see bloodied colons on the Internet. Double puke!


6. Two Girls One Cup

We all know what this search would spawn, don’t we? 


7. 4 Girls Finger Paint

Often touted as a ‘sequel’ of sorts to ‘2 Girls 1 Cup’, this video features a quarter of women apparently painting with their feces. Gross! 

CE Marking

8. Smoker’s lungs

The last thing you want to see is pictures of lungs, blackened by excessive smoking. 

International Business Times

9. Peanut, the dog

Peanut was a mutt who won the ‘Ugliest Dog’ competition in 2014. See his pic and you won’t be able to unsee it!


10. Bed Bugs on mattresses 

Do you value your sleep? If yes, then the right decision would be to suppress your curiosity and walk away from the computer. If not, then do a Google search and you’d see images of bed bugs leaving stains and crawling over sleeping people!


11. Pain Olympics

Disturbing and painful as the name suggests, ‘Pain Olympics’ shows people engaging in serious self-harm activities, to the extent of ‘self-castration’. 

Body One Physical

12. Soggy Biscuit

Well, some of you might have played this game in your first year of college. For those oblivious of the game and its rules, it involves a group of guys sitting around a biscuit, ejaculating! That’s not it, the last one to cum is supposed to eat the ‘soggy biscuit’!

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